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It is a product of Retina-X Studios, a company offering various tracking apps.

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Mobile Spy provides major standard features, i. However, it leaves much to be desired in terms of advanced features and technical support. The company claims to support even the latest OS versions, including iOS 9. However, certain features work very slow on new gadgets, so there is a room for improvement. If you are reading this ,refund my money. I could remember vividly in , i had issues with my wife as she was acting suspiciously. A divorce was already i view, i was so curious that I had to tell a friend about my wife' alleged infidelity, he adviSed on spying on her and introduced me to hacker who performed full remote access of her mobile device, i'm so happy it was just a suspicion and my wife was not cheating on me.

The app does not work. I have contacted them their only response is uninstall and reinstall. The phone I want to watch knows this and cooperating as well and still no success. They asked right away do I want to purchase a longer time.

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  6. I said no it isn't even working why would I purchase more time. We have tried several times to get it fixed with no success.

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    They are extremely frustrating to work with as like I said eschool technical support says the same and only thing uninstall and reinstall app. Waste of money. Get to know your customers.

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    Overview Reviews About. Write a review. Filter by:. Spy phone app wants me to install on… Spy phone app wants me to install on target phone And also provides the iCloud credentials which I have access to none. I have been suspecting my husband of… I have been suspecting my husband of cheating for years now and i have been giving him the benefit of doubt because i didn't want it to be true so i contact an hacker my friend told me about cyber dot surgeon at outlook dot com, he hacked into my husband phone and he gave me free access to all of his social media account and text messages, that was how i discovered my husband has been cheating on me for years, He proved me so right.

    It can be a bit expensive choice but it is the price you pay for the quality. They offer a basic set of features that is equal to some other applications and it works well with all the operating systems, as advertised. There is no problem with installing and usage. It can be said that it is a reasonably good application that could have been richer with features but either way is ok for its purposes.

    The live tracking facility is great when it works… The whole system keeps losing connection with the device and the GPS locations are inaccurate by up to half a mile at some times but not others. Support always says the same thing — fixing the problem requires physical access to the device. I took some time researching some good place to get spy soft as my son was giving me more trouble than usual.

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    What I mean, I do not particularly like his new friends and they way he spends his free time, at least the time I know about. So I decided upon Mobile Spy and I did read all the possible information of the site. However, it was quite unpleasant to discover right after the actual purchase that it works only with iOS 3.

    And there is no word about this on their website. All in all, it is supposed to be good soft, I believe, too bad I was unable to try it. I like it quite all right. I can say that the price covers the features — so, do not expect too much. However, it is fun and I can rest asured that my kid is safe, at least I know about the places he goes and people he meets.

    Very disappointed!!!! I was able to see the text messages for a couple days after I purchased the program and now I can not see them at all. Out of all the features they promised I was only able to access two of them. I am able to see her call log and contacts and this is it. Not worth the money and customer service is a complete joke. They never email you back and live chat is always offline.

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    The costumer service is not offline but it seems that your internet IP address has been blocked by them.