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For the price, Spokeo beats other internet information and people search aggregators by a longshot. The program only costs 3. Similar programs also don't capture the vast body of information that Spokeo does. Furthermore, most supposed competitors don't actually do anything, they merely record whatever information you give to it, but they don't perform any search: they basically just steal your information and do whatever they will with it.

As far as I know, Spokeo is one of the only legitimate identity, phone number or username lookup sites which is truly legitimate. This does NOT mean there are no other people search engines. There are such as They are all fantastic. But Spokeo is a very specialized people search. Spokeo concentrates on online profiles of people which digs really deep in a manner other search services miss.

These are lots of ways of gathering information about someone such as spying on their mobile phone for example. Spokeo is a new and very modern way of finding out lots of juicy details about someone. Meaning Spokeo gathers information from websites you might not have remembered to check. Spokeo is thorough because it encompasses a greater portion of the internet than any user could possibly recall if they were sitting at their computer and trying to recall sites one by one.

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Because the internet is so intertwined, the logins, names and phone numbers they entered might have ended up on sites they did not even think to check. Spokeo's engine does all of this searching for you, intricately processing the intertwining sections of the internet to find all occurring instances of a name, telephone, e-mail address or username, wherever they may appear.


Because the quantity of information this website gathers is vast, you;ll probably have to do a little bit of searching. Spokeo's functions are very specific. There's very little room in the search engine for specificity or limitation, meaning you'll probably have to spend some time sorting through the huge mass of information which Spokeo Gathers.

Still, you'd be surprised how much of the information you find is relevant to what you're looking for. More often than not, the information Spokeo locates its truly relevant to the Name, e-mail, phone number, user name or physical address that has been entered into it, no matter how minor. The potential uses for this function are extremely widespread. Think of any reason you want the information related to a physical address or online username. Site was easy to use. However, site is very misleading. When I searched myself on Spokeo by address, the info listed was completely inaccurate!!

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Although the site does state that accuracy is not guaranteed, Spokeo listed a deceased person living at my address, a person who was a previous resident currently living there, and listed my name 3 times!! I rent this property, and I am the only one living there I have been so far unsuccessful in removing the inaccurate info from my address listing, even though I followed all directions Don't know what to do about it. I found what I needed -- but there is an issue, for some rather very common names, e. Perhaps filtering by last known cities would help because there are so many of them and it leads to wasted searches.

I got the what I needed and will keep it in mind in the future if needed. I highly recommend Spokeo for checking out the person you think you may be talking to. It gives you a lot of information that you need to know. Please use it for your own safety and peace of mind. I would highly recommend this site to all my friends. As I try to locate information on clients, I was never disclosed how many per month, not informed what the parameters were and how.

Full disclosure maybe with a follow-up call describing how your service "IS" and why.

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Just not impressed with the total package. Looking for a address and phone number. My experience was everyone was professional and they gave me the informations that they had. Unfortunately the informations was outdated. For instance the last phone number was not listed and she had that number for 3 years before it got changed and the number she has now Spokeo don't have any informations what it is. She moved 4 months ago and Spokeo don't have the new address but I enjoyed interactions.

I placed an ad looking for a home to rent. A man texted me with photos of exactly what I was looking for, along with a rental price I couldn't afford. When I texted and told him, he said he was a preacher and wanted to help me. My intuition told me to ask for assistance with Spokeo to see if this were "real" or not. I spoke with a very nice lady, after the form didn't work, and she said the area code was one that scammers use, and for me to be extra careful when communicating with that man.

Long story short, Spokeo and their caring employee saved and protected me from a huge mistake. I appreciate Spokeo, and will use them again. While I find most of the information to be accurate, I found a bulk of it to be outdated.

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I think the recent update was 4 months ago. I also found more specific information, e. I had the fortune of being connected to a Customer Agent immediately. The agent was professional, courteous, answered all my questions and she clarified every question I had about my service from Spokeo. Spokeo responded in a very positive way to my concerns and has made me feel comfortable about doing business with them in the future. I was simply trying to watch a football game. If it's "free", why did they care if I didn't have enough credit to cover more than 3 months of access?

If an actual charge is attempted and denied, then simply cancel my service but if they REALLY weren't going to charge me for 30 days, then there should not have been a problem. The whole thing just felt really shady to me!

Your customer service is tops. I'm 71 and I got confused and kindest man helped me figure out what I was doing wrong and assisted me in finding exactly what I was looking for. Without making me feel like I was just an out teched old lady.

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You have no idea how refreshing it is not to be treated like that. I may be 71 on the outside, but I'm a young 45 on the inside and I still want to try new things Thank you, Diana. My husband has had two major strokes in the recent past and now spends most of his time in his chair in the living room. He used to work as a social worker with another man who became his very dear friend. Life separated them and they hadn't spoke in years.

My husband kept telling me how much he missed him and would love to talk to him again, they used to laugh all the time. So I went online to Spokeo, signed up and began a search. I found who I thought was his friend in Florida, gave my husband the phone and I dialed the number. No one answered so he left a message, "Paul, it's Bruce, I used to work with you, would love to talk with you" and he left his phone number.

Within minutes the phone rang and his friend's name appeared across the television screen.

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He answered the phone and they spoke for a very long time, reminiscing and laughing. They call each other at least three times a week now. My husband looks forward to those calls with his old friend and my heart is bursting with joy for them both. Agreed for one charge of. After that I was charged They owed me for 6 months. I received no information from them. I think it is a site everyone should stay away from!!! I found it to be a great service but unfortunately not what I was looking for.

I would definitely recommend it to anyone who needs to find a person that they have been looking for and could not find them or if you need help looking for someone who may have gotten caught up in a criminal aspect. Always easy to find the info I want. As long as I have an email, or phone number, I can always look up and learn about someone. Often times, if I am investing, or dating, I want to know if the person has a criminal record, or dating is the guy married? Especially if he is on a dating site. I wish that there was a way that Spokeo could show the text messages from the person that you were monitoring to make sure that NO TEXTS were going or coming to your spouse.

That would really help people with checking on their spouse or partner in LIFE, in cases of cheating spouses. Spokeo helped me find who I was looking for. They are very accurate. Loved finding the person I was looking for. I will definitely use their services again. The only thing I wish they had were photos of the people you are searching. Will recommend them to all my friends and relatives.

The service was great. I was able to derive enough information to run from a relationship that could have been costly.