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The iPhone 6S features a 4. Although resolution hasn't improved, the screen has, sort of anyway. Apple has once again proved that there's more to good image quality that just pixel count, and when it comes to contrast levels, accurate colour representation and speedy refresh rates, the iPhone is typically without rival.

Screen's aren't just about image quality though. Toughness is a big deal too, as anyone who's spent the last nine months of their contract with a shattered smartphone screen will tell you. Here, the iPhone 7 looks set to move things one, reportedly with the adoption of the newly announced, extra tough Gorilla Glass 5 which will make case-free drops less of a death sentence.

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Related: iPhone 7 vs Samsung Galaxy S7. When it comes to power, Apple might not play the same specs race game as the leading Android contingent, but it doesn't need to. With every iPhone running the same software without fluffy skins, it can ensure it's more power efficient - but that doesn't mean a power boost hasn't been bestowed on the iPhone 7, though. Apple's existing 1. Do you really need that though when the 6S is already powerful enough? Difficult call. When you consider that the iPhone 7 offers 3x the power though, it's hard to look past the new handset.

More important than all that raw power, though, is that the iPhone 7 offers a major improvement that users have been calling out for for years: increased storage. Although Samsung-esque expandable storage just ain't gonna happen dream on, dreamer , the entry-level iPhone has jumped from the 16GB adopted by the iPhone 6S, to a much more appealing 32GB.

Yes, 64GB and even GB models were already available, but at a massive premium, and the entry-level 16GB device was just too restrictive for many users. The new 32GB base level iPhone 7 will set a new minimum standard though and be joined by GB and a new GB model for seriously heavy users.

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Again, that's a good enough reason to plump for the iPhone 7. Related: Can people spy on me through my smartphone's camera? The iPhone 6S's megapixel primary camera is one of the best on any existing smartphone. Apple though has given it a sizeable update, patching up its weak points. Although the iPhone 6S won't disappoint on the snapping front, this could be the change that takes Apple to new levels. The phone's True Tone flash has been upgraded too, with a four flash array helping better accentuate natural skin colours while a flicker sensor works against flicking indoor lights for better party snaps.

Although Apple now offers a dual-lens snapper, this has been reserved for the 7's big brother, the iPhone 7 Plus. Related: How to download the iOS 10 public beta.

Key features

Unlike Android updates which take an age to filter out between the hundreds of devices doing the rounds, Apple's iOS upgrades are a much cleaner, swifter affair. As such, on the software front, there's very little that will separate the two handsets. Sure, the iPhone 7 will run the new iOS 10 update direct from the box whereas iPhone 6S owners will have to download it manually - hardly the most strenuous of tasks - but once installed it should create a level playing field.

None of the already confirmed iOS 10 features - we're talking improved Siri functionality, smarter Photos tagging and search, and the ability to sniff out and warn you about potential spam calls - are limited to one device. What's more, with the iPhone 6S on the iOS 10 compatibility list, there's no excuses for this not to be an even race. Related: How to improve you iPhone's battery life.

iPhone 6S & 6S Plus reviewed

The iPhone 6S's battery life is decent without being groundbreaking and, but the iPhone 7 has been on the receiving end of a bit of a staying-power boost. Those hopes of a phone that will last weeks not days are still misplaced, though - expect an extra two hours life from a single charge though. Is it the biggest update set to be bestowed on Apple's next-gen blower?

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No, but it's nothing to be sniffed at either. That extra hour could be the difference between enjoying a bit of a Facebook sesh on your way home after a night out. Related: Best iPhone 7 cases and covers. No matter which route you take in the iPhone 7 vs iPhone 6S battle, you're going to want to put a serious chunk o' change aside because neither of them are particularly cheap. Although having been handed a sizeable price cut, the iPhone 6S still isn't what you'd call affordable. By contrast, those after the iPhone 7 will need even deeper pockets.